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Beda’s Biergarten, not a trend but a tradition of Gemütlichkeit

Beda’s Biergarten offers an opportunity for people from all walks of life to relax and enjoy good food and drink with friends and family

We believe that simpler, true and well prepared foods are the best. If you are not coming for the food but just want a good drink or two, Welcome!

Beda's and Helga's favorite place to go to in Germany, was Käte’s, a neighborhood pub where they met with friends or made new ones as they shared tables in the busy establishment. Having lived in San Luis Obispo since 1987, Beda and Helga wanted to create a neighborhood restaurant/beer garden with the same feeling of Gemütlichkeit , where people can come alone, with friends or meet new ones. Although Beda's Biergarten is a family owned and run pub, it would not have opened without the generous support of a group of friends that believed in the concept and in the family. The creativity, physical and financial support of this group makes Beda's a true community supported neighborhood pub. All of us at Beda's are looking forward to meeting and serving you!


11:30 to 7:30
11:30 to 7:30
11:30 to 7:30
11:30 to 7:30
11:30 to 7:30
11:30 to 7:30

Until we can safely open, we will remain home. Wishing you all well! We can not wait to see you again!

We are located in the Shopping Center on the corner of Broad Street and Orcutt Road in San Luis Obispo.


3230 Broad St #130
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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Dear friends,
Two weeks ago, I told you we’d be back in touch in a week. 
I apologize for delaying it another week, but I was very hopeful that I would be able to give you a clearer picture of our plans. 
As you so well know, so much has happened in the last few weeks, with the biggest emphasis on social distancing, staying at home, and now the recommendation to wear protective face masks. 
I strongly believe and urge all of us to follow these guidelines. You may be concerned about looks. Clearly, I am not. 
If this old stubborn German can do it, so can you! Looks are not important; staying healthy so we can all be back together is what’s important. 
If you don’t want to take precautions (like wearing a face mask) for yourself, then do it for all those whose lives may truly depend on not getting sick because they’re in a higher-risk group or they have underlying health problems. 
Many people in this country are much worse off than most of us are here. The first responders and health care professionals depend on us being smart and careful so we do not add to their stress and struggle to care for those of us who may fall ill. 
While some of us may not be working right now, we can make it our job to stay healthy and alive. Nothing is more important than our health. That’s always been a cliche that we nod yes to in some vague way. 
But now, the past few weeks have shown us how important our health is. It really does matter more than anything. So right now, let’s stay healthy. When we all survive and come back together again, we as a group will do our part to revitalize the economy. 
Our friendship, however, is one thing we won’t need to revitalize. It has not changed. Through this shared ordeal, it has only been made stronger.
As soon as we feel we can create a safe environment for all of us, whether it is for take-out or re-opening more fully, we will do so. While the parameters and time frame has changed, we are doing our best to weigh all factors, economically, socially, and morally.
What has not changed from three weeks ago? 
Until then, stay well, stay sane, and stay positive. 
Thank you, friends. 
Beda & Helga