Beda’s Biergarten is the place for fun events in San Luis Obispo. From authentic Oktoberfest (like only Beda’s Biergarten can do it), to BedaFest, German New Year’s, live local music, and showing international soccer matches, we host several events throughout the year. Most are family friendly, too! 

Featured Events

Here are just a few of our most popular and recurring events. Dates will be added as they are booked; safety is always our focus.

  • Oktoberfest: traditional food, beers, and music
  • Soccer: watch international soccer at Beda's
  • BedaFest: family friendly celebration
  • St. Nicholas Day: Bring the kids
  • German New Year’s Eve: we celebrate at noon!

Upcoming Events

More to ComeRestaurantTBD NAWe will have more events in the near future. Keep checking back!