At Beda’s Biergarten, you’re a stranger only once.

When you walk into our family owned German restaurant just south of downtown San Luis Obispo, there’s a word for the spirit we want you to feel — Gemütlichkeit.

It may be hard to define (and tricky to pronounce), but you know it when you feel it. Gemütlichkeit is that friendly, warm welcome of a place that invites you in like an old friend. You come in, sit back, relax, let go of the day’s worries, and just enjoy life for awhile.

Gemütlichkeit is the feeling we had when we met each other and gathered with friends at Kate’s — our favorite pub in Germany when we first started dating. It’s a feeling we missed when we came to the U.S.

So we created Beda’s Biergarten to bring the welcoming spirit of Gemütlichkeit right here to San Luis Obispo.

Along with Gemütlichkeit, we believe in service, quality, and hospitality, and everything we do for you is based on that foundation. Whether you come with friends, family, or on your own, we want you to be surrounded by the camaraderie of a true neighborhood pub. All are welcome at Beda’s.

Sharing our regional German dishes made from family recipes and providing a comfortable place to relax, perhaps with an imported German beer, are what Beda’s Biergarten is all about.

But Beda’s isn’t just about food and drink. It’s also about gratitude — for the friends and neighbors who encouraged us to open the restaurant (our very first) in 2015, the customers who’ve supported us since we opened the doors that first day, and the new customers who come and give us a try.

You may come in as a stranger, but you’ll leave as a friend.

We look forward to serving you soon.


Beda, Helga & Julia Schmidthues

It's all about Gemütlichkeit


Our commitment to service, quality, and human kindness shapes everything we do and all people we serve.


Some businesses call you a customer. We call you a friend.


The place you love and support, and the place that loves and supports you.

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